The Locus Initiative 


Why College seniors and young professionals today are increasingly interested in social impact and philanthropy. Yet, this theoretical motivation to be civically engaged often comes into conflict with its practical implementation into the busy lifestyle of this age category. Locus was born out of a desire to bridge that gap: to create accessible opportunities to give money and time along with a valuable network of thoughtful givers across every industry.

What Locus is a community-building platform, i.e., a ‘locus’ of points, that makes charitable giving easy, social, and meaningful for millennials. Particularly, we help college seniors and young professionals across every industry engage with charitable causes.

How Our members join the network by taking a pledge. The pledge is a sliding scale with 1% of annual income on one end and 1% of annual working time (on average, about 30 hours per year) on the other. Based on individual preferences and lifestyles, members slide the scale to create a combination of money and time that best suits each member personally. They then take the pledge to one of our causes: education, poverty and health. Members’ subsequent monetary donations go to one of our partnered charities, which are vetted by organizations like the Center for High Impact Philanthropy. The donations of time can entail a variety of activities, from a menu of options provided upon taking the pledge.

By joining the network, members have access to a social and professional community, providing many opportunities both tangible and intangible. Generous donors provide opportunities for our network and fund our organization’s operations, so 100% of members’ pledge money and time is allocated directly to Locus-endorsed causes. Member opportunities include private networking events, opportunities to network with and be mentored by seasoned and highly reputable professionals in a range of industries, and social events at venues like Citi Field and other exclusive spaces.

Who Our program is tailored specifically to young professionals 0-3 years out of college, because our goal is to plant the seeds for the future generation of philanthropists. We also work to engage college students in two ways: (1) Students below their senior year can become general interest members and receive frequent updates about causes and the progress of the network. (2) College Seniors can become full members by participating in four action days over the course of their senior year. That being said, the community is open to anyone willing to take and keep up with the pledge!

Where We are currently based in New York City. Our growth will be geared toward cities in which significant demand exists.


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