Check Out Our #GivingTuesday Campaigns!

This year, some of our Locus College Satellite Orgs. created their own #GivingTuesday campaigns for their campus communities. Check out all of their different initiatives!

Locus Lafayette

The Locus Initiative at Lafayette chose to highlight the increased need for resources for the older population in their community by hosting a concert in the Gracedale Nursing Home Chapel.

Their Concert featured acapella performances, a magic show, and sing-alongs to holiday songs!

Locus USD

The Locus Initiative at University of San Diego ran a food drive for Mama's Kitchen, a nonprofit that provides meals to those living with HIV/AIDS who liv eon less than $1,500 a month.

Locus USD was able to raise almost $450 and donate 20lbs. of food over the course of their campaign!

Locus Cornell

The Locus Initiative at Cornell ran a clothing drive for the local community in Ithaca to help ensure people "in our community are prepared for colder weather in the coming months."

They were able to fill two human-sized bins with donated clothing, an amazing accomplishment!

Locus UCLA

The Locus Initiative at UCLA ran a fundraiser for the California Wildfire Relief Fund by doing a competitive bake sale. Overall, their campaign received 30 donations and almost $100 after just 2 hours!