Newsletter: How to Help Those in Yemen

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Give As You Live!

Each week we provide you with simple ways to give. Participating in these small acts of giving allows you to reflect on your philanthropic behavior and engage more regularly with Locus.

Perform a Random Act of Kindness. One small act of kindness per day can make a huge impact on the world. This week, we encourage you to go out of your way for someone close to you. Run errands for your parents, help your partner with the dishes, etc. Showing extra consideration for someone else is a great way to brighten their week. Give One Dollar. Feeling overwhelmed with all the different causes and charities? Don't know how to start giving back? This week we encourage you to spend 10 minutes finding a cause and charity that resonate and give $1.Getting involved on a small level is a great way to start a lifelong habit of making a difference. Want to keep with this week's theme of helping those in Yemen? Check out our articles below and support small nonprofits like Global Response Management that help those who need it most.

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Articles of The Week

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Yemen: Another Humanitarian Crisis That Poses a Test for Philanthropy
By Sue-Lyn Moses

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Why it’s so hard to get people to care ab